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Deep Blue: Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Analysis

James Cameron reached Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the ocean, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. He was able to take a sample from the bottom until the hydraulic arm on the submersible malfunctioned. The Rolex Deepsea Challenge, a prototype watch capable of withstanding water pressure up to 15,000 meters deep, was fitted to the mechanical arm as well as to Cameron's hand.

The Deepsea was the most pressure-resistant commercial mechanical watch released in 2008. The case structure for the mass-produced Deepsea platform was launched in 2008 and has a pressure tolerance of 3,900 metres. In 2014, Rolex released this intense dive watch with a "D-Blue" dial in celebration of Cameron's deep dive. The Deepsea lettering on the dial is the same green hue as the dial painting.

Through the profundities
In 2018, Rolex updated all Deepsea models and tested the D-Blue model. The main contrast with the bigger folding loop is the broader cuff. Overall dimensions have a more harmonious feel.

Rolex's new bracelet is lighter and more secure. The width between the case and the bezel has been shortened.

Pressure Strong
High-pressure watch has saphire crystal, caseback of Grade 5 titanium and inner ring of Biodur 108 alloy. Rolex Ringlock Mechanism is developed and patented with the Rolex. The device is enclosed by a Rolex case of 904L alloy and a titanium caseback.

The components are chosen deliberately for their exceptional robustness and durability. Rolex consulted Comex with the French diving equipment agency. The Deepsea is planned for a depth of 4900 metres. Every watch is checked at this 25% higher pressure underwater.

Extended utilisation
Both the bracelet and the Deepsea case are made of 904L material, which Rolex calls "Oystersteel" It is harder to handle and less resilient than the 316L stain used for watches. The Glidelock closure has a 1.8-cm length.

Platinum and ceramic
Rolex has a polished finish on the entire surface of the case and cuff. The sides are highly polished and the high-tech ceramic ring on the unidirectional rotational dive be

The Deepsea crystal doesn't extend to as much as other Rolex models above the bezel, which prevents injury. Unfortunately, under some conditions, the crystal reflects light. As with Rolex, the hands and markers are made of gold. The style-with the hours of "Mercedes," the time markers and the bar markers-essentially originates from the first Submariner.

Deepsea has a timeless look because of its futuristic scale, domeed crystal and high-tech bezel. Ringlock System's transparent inner ring gives it a futuristic feel. The classic Rolex text on the dial is tasteful. D-Blue dial is more wordable than ever.

Fresh Caliber
Just 10 percent of 3135 components remained unchanged with Caliber 3235. Effect tolerance and reliability are improved. The winding process is more powerful and its power supply is quicker. The revolutionary Chronergy exhaust system improves the performance of Swiss heavier exhaust by 15%. This is possible thanks to modified geometry and a skeletonized form which reduces its weight. The lightweight escape is also impressive because of its much quieter ticking sound.

The latest calibre is worked under a solid steel caseback, as is any Oyster type. The architecture is painted – with sunburn on the partly skeletonized oscillator and a matte line with certain bevelled edges and polished screw heads on the automatic bridge.

Results of Solid Rate
Rolex adopted more rigorous guidelines on all its versions in 2015. Watchmakers also monitor the mechanism of the case at more specific values. Only -0.7 seconds a day was the average deviation.