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A White-Gold Sub With A Clean Black Dial. The Rolex Submariner Date Reference 126619LB

The ref. 126619LB is an all-white-gold Submariner with blue Cerachrom bezel, black dial, and 70-hour automatic movement with date. The ref. 116619 "Smurf," the watch you see above replaces, is the previous iteration of this watch. New Submariners include different sizes, date and no date versions, as well as various materials for its case, its bracelet, and its bezel.

This year, we were offered a glimpse of the future of the Rolex Submariner in an updated collection that uses a slightly larger case size – it's now 41mm in diameter, following up on the 40mm case of the previous generation. As a Batman GMT lover, this is an improvement over the Smurf that better achieves what, at least in my mind, people seeking out a solid white-gold sports watch want. It's a low-key luxury, which is what most people seeking a solid, white- gold sport watch wants, in the color scheme that I can easily get behind.

The 2020 Rolex Submariner is the first time Rolex has gone blue since the blue-dialed Smurf. The 41mm case has slimmer lugs and a broader bracelet to make for a more stable wearing experience. The blue Cerachrom bezel offers a nice accent, but the overall effect is much more low-key than with the blue. As with the "Smurf," the white gold Oyster bracelet has links featuring a brushed finish to the outer links and contrasting polished finish on the central links. The watch is 18-karat white gold, but many casual observers would probably assume it's made of stainless steel. The price tag is high enough that, for now, it remains a purely academic question.  

The no-date Submariner is a watch I'd sooner seek out. The Rolex 2020 Sub is the most affordable sports watch on offer right now, but it's not one I'll be buying just for the novelty factor.