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Experience Authenticity and Excellence

Sell your cherished timepieces with confidence through Prestige Watch's superior service, designed to ensure convenience, safety, and competitive pricing. Our approach is crafted to accommodate your preferences, offering both efficient online browsing and personalized in-store appointments. At Prestige watch, your trust is our cornerstone, and we are committed to an honest and transparent process as we help you transition your timepiece into its next chapter.

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Selling Your Watch

To facilitate an accurate and fair quotation for your watch, we ask that you provide us with a few key details:

Inform us whether you possess the original box and papers, and their condition.

Share the state of your watch. The more information you can offer, the closer we can approximate its true value.

Only authentic, certified watches are eligible for Prestige Watch services. Our specialists meticulously examine each item to preclude the possibility of counterfeit or stolen goods.


Protect & Preserve Your Watch's Value

Boost your watch's marketability by following these recommendations

Keep the original packaging, documentation, and any accompanying accessories.

Ensure regular servicing and maintain your watch in prime condition.

Capture comprehensive and clear images of your watch to enhance the assessment process.