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Long Live 5711

Patek Philippe has presented it’s very first Nautilus ref with a Tiffany blue lacquer dial. It's without question one of the most thrilling and selective Nautilus has ever offered. Just days ago this limited series celebrated it’s 170 - year alliance between Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co till this day remains one of the longest and most enduring relationships in all of watchmaking history. The Nautilus 5711 is the advanced adaptation of the principal extravagance sports wristwatch by Patek Philippe, which was originally dispatched in 1976.

“Tiffany’s Blue” color is immediately recognized for its distinctive shade. Not only is the watch featuring a Tiffany Blue - colored dial for the first time ever, the dial is also doubled stamped with the word “Tiffany & Co” at 6 o’clock paired with the Patek Philippe logo at 12 o’clock. Tiffany & Co has supported key relationships between Patek Philippe and major American collectors and in the 21st century, Patek Philippe has created several limited editions for TIffany & Co many of which commemorate important dates as well as featuring double stamped dials for both brands. 

Until today, Tiffany & Co stayed the world’s only retailer whose name appears on a Patek Philippe dial. The limited series Nautilus shows the strength of theri long lasting partnership and is certainly a joy to any watch devotee. However, it has been noted that Nautilus was announced to be discontinued and collectors were crushed hearing the news. Shortly after the heart breaking news, Patek Philippe unveiled a collection of 5711’s with olive green dials in April which was the end of Nautilus but turns out Patek Philippe had one more trick up their sleeves, by announcing a new limited edition 5711 with a blue dial but not just any blue dial, it’s Tiffany blue and it’s really their final 5711. 

Any thoughts on this latest and last limited edition Nautilus wristwatch by Patek Philippe with not just any blue dial but Tiffany & Co’s signature blue? It’s certainly a Christmas surprise that no one will forget.