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Phones Ring The Trigger As Latest Rolex Watches Arrive

Dealers on both sides of the Atlantic are reporting a frenzy of demand for 2020 watches. Submariner and Oyster Perpetual lines still generating inquiries. Discontinued lines, which includes the entire 40mm Submariners line, are still generating enquiries. "In the 25 years of being an official Rolex jeweller, Rolex has never been as HOT," says one dealer. The 2020 Rolex watch will go on sale on September 20th. The price of the 2020 RoleX 2020 will be £299.99, plus £99.99 for the 'mid to high' version of the Oyster perpetual upgrade. The watch will be on sale in stores and online from September 19th.

Most Rolex watches are hitting authorised dealers this month. Submariners and Oyster Perpetuals come in 36mm and 41mm sizes. Dealers are delighted by the timing of this year's launches and the speed at which the new watches will hit stores. "Their simplest movements with nothing but cool and shockingly new fashion colours should appeal to a new client, be easier to supply and will get those new folks into a watch that is exceptional and will be new to them," says Mr Betteridge. The Explorer 1 is the most durable and accurate timepiece a rough character can buy; and then you make a buck selling it beat up, he adds.

Oyster Perpetuals and Sky Dweller on an Oysterflex bracelet to appeal to a much larger audience. New Submariner upgrade to a new movement and slightly larger 41mm case will do nothing to dent demand. Manfredi Jewelers CEO Hank Siegel: "The entire range is a winner and will do well" Rolex made DayDates with brightly coloured enamel Stella dials in the 1970s for the Middle Eastern market before they became more widely popular and collectible. "I think the "Stella" dials are the real sleeper," says Hyde Park Jewelers' chief executive Damon Gross. "Cermit — my term for it — and the non-date Subs seems to be the big winners," says Mr Gross, chief executive of Hyde Park jewelers, Denver, CL. The colours are a really welcome addition, and I can't wait to see them in my store," he tells WatchPro. "We have received hundreds of email and phone inquiries from our known clients and collectors, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive," the CEO of Manfredis Jewelers says.

Oyster Perpetuals and Submariners are the latest additions to Rolex's ladies' DateJust range. Retailer Mr Siegel: "We LOVE (Mr Seigel's capital letters) the Oyster perpetual introductions" Hyde Park's Mr Gross: "It's is crazy what is going on with Rolex. They've done a great job over the past few years and I think the over the top demand will hold for years to come" The biggest question is whether they will be able to get their hands on the new Submariner and Oyster PerPetuals, or will they never make it into windows because demand continues to exceed demand by a huge margin. "I think demand is too strong for that," says Hyde Park’s Mr Gross.