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The UK 'S Revenues Grow To Over £415 Million Ahead Of Covid-19

Morgan Stanley puts the 2019 turnover figure at CHF 5.2 billion (£4.4 billion) in 2019 from the sale of one million watches. Accounts published today at the government-owned Companies House show revenue for Rolex, including Tudor, rising by 13% from £367 million to £415 million. Operating profit shot up by 27% to £70.2 million. The UK amounting to 6.3% of the global watch market for Swiss watches, based on export figures. The only way to influence allocation is to invest more, he has told investors and the media on many occasions, Brian Duffy has told Investors and the media. Rolex Watch Company Ltd made no mention of the impact of Covid-19 in its financial statement, despite the report being filed at Companies House over the summer of this year. The report was filed at the company's house over the fall of 2018, despite Rolex's annual report being made public over the summer of the year.

Rolex played its cards very close to its chest in its 2019 accounts. The only guidance was that it faces competitive threats from other watch brands. Results could be affected by currency fluctuations with the Swiss franc. No mention about production capacity being lost because its factories had to shut down during the covid quarter.