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Hans Wilsdorf Foundation

What’s the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation? The Wilsdorf Foundation was created in 1945, who’s a German watchmaker and founder of Rolex and Tudor. In 1960 he gave his 100% ownership stake in Rolex to the foundation, till this day Hans Wilsdorf Foundation owns and controls Rolex and denotes much of it’s income to charity and social causes in Geneva, Switzerland. 

At the young age of 12, being an orphan Hans Wilsdorf with nothing more than determination to help him overcome his challenges. Hans invented the world’s first waterproof self winding wristwatch with a perpetual rotor setting a benchmark in terms of quality and prestige. The man behind the crown as one would say. He was borned in an era where watches were made to be pinned to a garment or carried in pockets. As most see it as a jewelry for women, Hans Wildsford sees it differently, fascinated by the watch movements he sets out on his journey to create a true modern timepiece fit for the 20th century. 

One morning in 1908, as Hans Wilsdorf described, a genie whispered in his ear “Rolex”. After a long search for the perfect name for his upcoming business he finally settled for Rolex as it has style and authority ring to it, it’s also short and easy to remember. Since then Rolex has become one of the most respected brands in history. 

Nearly a century ago, Hans Wildsford created the most precise and reliable wristwatch in the world. Today Rolex still produces watches, with our advanced technologies Rolex continues to improve over time. Rolex watches have proven their reliability in the most extreme conditions from the deepest reach of the ocean to the top of the highest mountains.