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The future of luxury watches

The conversation has been circulating on the subject of the current horology culture. Some are skeptical of the current state of mechanical watches as technological advancement has taken the world by storm by introducing new outlets for investment. Now, owning a virtual watch might be worth more than a mechanical one. However, the longevity of a virtually owned watch might be in question. Both have similarities but are widely different from one another. 

To simply put it, a mechanical watch is not only desirable because of its grand design but also because of the way it grips onto the wrists thus creating an experience a virtual watch cannot relate to. Virtual watches are as good as the first impression. Furthermore, the overwhelming history of luxury watches can also be a big factor when it comes to desirability. For example, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and so much more.

So what does the future have in store for luxury watches? Are all of these household names making their transition to a virtual world? Our guess is probably no, not entirely. With social media being an advantageous platform for marketing, the popularity of watch brands has seen a significant rise in popularity. The display of luxury used to be reserved for one's social circle, but Instagram has opened up the jet-set world to everyone who wants to see the numerous aspects of the lifestyle, including watches. And many people are curious, as proven by the millions of fans of movie, music, reality, and sports stars and influencers who want to know who wears which watch.

Nowadays, online shopping has made it easier for the public to acquire items far away. Before purchasing a luxury item, he or she searches the internet for relevant items, compares pricing, and reads user reviews. This is why watchmakers have poured so much money into their internet presence in recent years.

With that sort of presence, it manifests a luxurious lifestyle that most people want and when they do, a mechanical watch would be the first item they think of. It’s an essential item that compliments well with the idea of being wealthy. Compared to other luxurious goods like expensive suits, wine, cigars, and sports cars, watches have a more lasting effect with the number of times they can be worn. On top of that, some luxury watches hold their value extremely well. Unlike an Apple Watch that can be easily acquired in any Apple store with millions of them sitting around. Luxury watches remain to be somewhat exclusive thus creating a sense of urgency to attain such a watch with high resale value.

The argument remains, what would luxury watches look like in the future? Well, there is the innovation of making a watch more durable or impervious to water, creating watches using more eco-conscious materials is what’s being looked at for some brands. Even with these added new changes and innovations, vintage timepieces aren’t going anywhere. If you take a watch like Rolex Daytona or Patek Philippe Nautilus, these are timeless pieces that would always remain desirable. When you look at it that way, the future of watches starts to look rather bright!