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The New Rolex Submariner: Should You Buy The New Version?

The Rolex Submariner is the latest luxury timepiece from Swiss brand Rolex. The new model is designed to rival the likes of the iPhone 11 and the Aston Martin 11. But do you invest in the latest model or stick with your trusty timepiece? Scroll down to find out.

So what exactly has changed?

Rolex has unveiled a new model of its iconic Submariner sports watch. The 2020 model is the first change to the iconic design since 2008. It has unleashed 12 years' worth of pent-up enthusiasm from watch fanatics. But some parties have been less impressed with the new look, calling it "tame" and "unimaginative" The Submariners first went on sale in 1922, but it took three decades for it to be ready.

Rolex's new Submariner is waterproof to 300 metres and crafted from corrosion-resistant Oystersteel. Case is larger, bulking up to 41mm in diameter from 40mm. Bracelet is also wider and the lugs, conversely, have slimmed down to give a hint of earlier models.

Rolex Submariner 3230 comes with Chronergy escapement and paramagnetic pallet fork and escape wheel. New calibre has 70-hour power reserve - up 46% on its predecessor's 48-hour.

What’s everybody else doing?

According to industry reports, Rolex's authorised dealers are seeing a huge surge in demand for Submariners — both old and new. But buyers are also requesting the old 40mm models. Partly, because they think the old models might be more available and attainable. Certain colour variations, such as the green 'Hulk' Submariner, have not yet made the transition from the 40mm size to the new 41mm range.

What if I don’t own a 40mm model Submariner?

David Beckham is a firm fan of his simple stainless steel Submariner. Sean Connery's 007, Steve McQueen and Brad Pitt are also fans of the model. In 2018, one such model sold at Christie's for $1,068,500 — the most expensive Submariners ever sold. In Ian Fleming's James Bond books, the super-spy wears "a Rolex submariner that was barely three years old"

You'll be hard-pushed to find a watch less likely to go out of fashion. The Submariner Rolex

So which new new Submariner is right for me?

Our first pick from the new 2020 models would be the ref. 124060. It's masterfully monochrome with its black Cerachrom bezel and black dial. Tudor's Black Bay Fifty-Eight is under half the price of the new Submariner.

If we had to choose two more models from the new Submariner range, we'd go for dates. The ref. 126618LB has a blazing 18ct gold case and strap, and dazzling Royal Blue dial and bezel.