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The Rolex Explorer 14270, A Perfect Youthful Watch.

The 1990s Rolex Explorer 14270 is the perfect watch for the 'youngtimer' trend. The concept was first used in the vintage/classic car market, to define models that were not yet classic cars. This usually refers to 1980s and 1990s cars and ranges from a Testarossa to a 205 GTI to an early BMW M3. Some watches, which are out of production, could potentially gain in collectability. And one that is important for this article is the 1989-2001 Rolex explorer 14270, produced from 1989 to 2001. It is possibly the most important update in the history of the Explorer model.

The name Explorer dates back to 1953, when the first watch with this patronym was introduced. And yes, "Explorer" has to do with exploration (how surprising!). The Explorer has been involved in exploration adventures and had tested watches on Himalayan expeditions to the Himalayan . The Explorer 14 270 has quite a few arguments in its favour over other vintage watches. It's the perfect timepiece for a man who wants the taste of vintage without the complications of vintage, the size of an old watch with the comfort of modernity.